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The FINGER study shows the PROOF!

FINGER study just released this past March 12, 2015.  The Finnish Geriatric Intervention study to Prevent Cognitive Impairment and Decline (FINGER) was a longitudinal randomized study of 1260 seniors ranging in age 60 to 77 which showed that it is possible to reduce cognitive decline with lifestyle changes incorporating resistance muscle training (lifting light weights) one to three […]

70Plus Ski Club…Are you a Member?

 Amazement…Fascination… Awe…jolt through your body when you merge with the next snow skier in the lift line who just happens to be 71 years of age. From conversation riding the lift up together, Kathy and her husband Bob, age 74 who himself is a snowboard instructor, started skiing in their 30s and just love it.   […]

What is Dementia?

     Age in most countries is associated with wisdom.  Today, here in the US, age is associated with dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s.      Dementia strikes the majority of its victims around age 63, specifically between age 60 and 64. But actually, getting dementia as you age is like breaking your leg as you walk […]

Marketing Hats off to United Airlines

Good Brain Health is the passion of TheBrainNerd.  My mission is to talk to as many as possible on brain health, healthy life styles and dementia prevention.  In traveling about to a speaking engagement my marketing hat was quickly engaged as I sat wide eyed to the in-flight video as I settled into a seat […]