Corn for Breakfast? You’re Making Your Brain Mad

This is your 3rd Post of Breakfast Brain Foods

When you load up on your special corn flakes cereal you are actually speed starting your dementia.

Here’s how corn causes dementia…3 Facts. Most cereals contain fat building high fructose corn syrup.  Second your cornflakes are processed which means nutrients from this vegetable are stripped and synthetic chemicals are added.  Third, 90% of the corn grown in the United States is GMOed or a genetically modified organism.

1.Your brain hates sugar, especially HFCS—high fructose corn syrup.  To produce HCFS, producers make corn starch by soaking corn in warm water and separating its components (germ, bran and fiber). The grain endosperm (the inside under the bran outer coating) is ground and washed again where processors take away and then add some hydrogen resulting in fructose.

Our stomach does not like nor digests solo fructose so it shoots it off to the liver where the liver turns it into fat.  The fat plops into the blood and travels all around your body to feed your hungry cells.  Brain cells gets their share and are not happy because they hunger for nutrients. As a result, our brains get bloated and irritated, leading to fogginess, forgetfulness and inability to fully focus or concentrate.

Our brains can tolerate HFCS when consumed every now and then.  But when you load up on corn cereal every morning combined with drinking three sodas and pigging out on junk food, every day, day after day after day for years, in about 5, 8 to 10 years your brain finally says, “hey, I’m sick of this HFCS, we (the brain neurons) can’t furiously fight these fat cells as before, we’re tired; actually, we’re giving up; we are not doing it any longer.”

Not only do they give up, your brain cells turn on each other and start killing each other.   Brain microglia cells, the cells which guide the neurons for your instant recall, snap judgment and quick figuring ability, turn mad. They are honestly called mad glia cells and over time (months to years pending your consumption) they can eat away parts of your brain.  Hello!!!! that’s Dementia!

We need to have a healthy brain and as we age, we cannot afford to sabotage our health by having our brain cells turn on each other.  Pulling corn away from our diet is a start. Tune into the next post for two additional ways corn causes dementia giving us evidence we need to rethink having corn for breakfast.