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C19-Wearing a Mask: Science or Propaganda?

After absorbing the COVID-19 news and medical facts, and experiencing the hoopla, shut downs, closures and social bickering combined with observation of rioting, I had ascertained the situation as individual choice, individual approach and have remained silent these last few months. It has been safe yet difficult to remain silent.  The doctors who trained me […]

Latest Dementia Statistics, C19 and MORE!

Ever had these questions: What is the latest on Dementia Statistics, Diagnosed Dementia vs. Senior Moments, what is the Difference Senility vs Dementia? When are YOU Truly Losing It? The Role of Genes, Do They Matter? 4 Key Factors for Dementia Prevention Description of 2 Brains in Our Bodies COVID-19 basic prevention guidance (at the […]

#1 Vitamin to Treat Genuine Sepsis and Repel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The media has stirred up the Coronavirus which is a SARI (Sever Acute Respiratory Infection) also known as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) officially labeled/named COVID-19 (Coronavirus Discovered 2019) saying it massively effects the elderly resulting in death. The elderly have dementia. And according to the British Medical Journal, the population in some communities, NOT nursing home […]

Brain Healthy Christmas Cookies to Spread the Joy

Holidays and special events…we all overeat, especially at Christmas.  It is so hard to turn away and not indulge during the celebrations. Every specialty food is loaded with preservatives, additives and yes…sugar.  But I have found a Christmas Cookie which gives the perfect ingredients for the proper, nutritious feeding of our head brains and our […]

Lefties have Better Brains

  Your dominant hand, whether  left or right, is determined by the functions of your brain and is part of your cognition.  And lefties have better, healthier brains, better in the sense in that their brains are ‘fatter’, they have more brain cells. Your dominant hand is determined by the functions of your brain and […]