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Omarosa raises new questions about Trump, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease but she’s got it all wrong.

Omarosa Manigault Newman claims in her new book “Unhinged” that changes in President Trump’s actions stem from his mental decline which is leading to dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s. As highlighted in the August 14, 2018 issue of Quartz Magazine she points out 4 examples – each of which don’t have scientific backing.  I say that as a […]

The New Rule of Retirement: Retirees…You Can NEVER Retire.

If you are looking at leaving your job for full retirement or downsizing your current job and easing into retirement, you’ve probably been through the counseling of your HR department and/or with your financial advisor. You are getting yourself financially ready. But are you healthily ready? Is your health ready for this change, specifically your […]

Why Our Parents and Grandparents are Coming Down with Alzheimer’s (and other dementias too) Will We Be NEXT?

(8 minute read) At social events, from church to ballgames to cocktail time, stories of our children and parents seem to bubble up in every conversation. Oftentimes, the brain condition of our parents weasels its way into those discusses. And understandably so, since 1 in 9 human beings age 65 and older suffers from some […]

How to Keep Our Brains Young

(9.5 minute read) Think of your head brain[1] like a house, any kind of house. Just as you upkeep your house, you must consider maintenance and renewal for your brains[1]. While we grow and mature, the brain creates the strongest cognitive foundation possible for full function. Then we add a good education, strong upbringing, and […]

We’re Dying Our Brains!

What do these foods have in common? Box cakes and their icing, beverages, juices, candy, cereal like Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops, OTC drugs, Florida oranges, cosmetics (especially lip sticks), ice cream, sorbet, frozen fruit bars, sausage casings, maraschino cherries, gelatin desserts, BBQ sauce, fruit salad, Doritos and other chips, instant ice tea, Hamburger Helper? […]

Brain note to the Tax Man…

  Hello Bob, Year after year you and your staff rave over my kumquat pie I give you in appreciation for preparing my taxes. This year, no kumquat pie; it is too much sugar and processed dairy. I’ve got to walk the talk. Many forms of Dementia are basically Diabetes III—three, like Diabetes I and […]

3 Ways to Beat CTE

  Football season comes in the fall but if you’ve got a fan or player in your household, there is no season, your life revolves around it. Many topics, concerns and issues about football ring through the year: weight, competition, strength, workouts, clothes, shoes, hygiene, schedule, travel arrangements, the list goes on and on.  But […]