Marketing Hats off to United Airlines

Good Brain Health is the passion of TheBrainNerd.  My mission is to talk to as many as possible on brain health, healthy life styles and dementia prevention.  In traveling about to a speaking engagement my marketing hat was quickly engaged as I sat wide eyed to the in-flight video as I settled into a seat on a United Airlines flight.

     From ‘all clad’ feathered show girls in Las Vegas showing emergency lighting to a Broadway starlet showing a New York cab driver the method to use a seat belt, from a Japanese attendant giving a paper airplane folding display while explaining emergency door locations to an emergency oxygen display in a snow skiing gondola moving over the Alps exhibited by skiers, from a cell phone ring scaring a flock of flamingos to flight over a tropical pond while a Pilipino employee requests electronic devises be turned off or put in airplane mode to a kangaroo biting the finger of an attendant as he was giving thanks for paying attention, I watched the entire in-flight operations video for the first time in decades.

     I’m a loyal Delta flyer, but flying United this trip due to arrival time conflicts.  Talk about entertaining.  What a video…a video which, coupled with good service, has Delta in question; a video worthy of proclamation.

     We marketing gurus know the manta…when a customer had a great experience he(she) will tell 6 to 8 others.

     How many have I reached I wonder?  Marketing hat tipped to United Airlines.