What About Your Parent’s Core? Order them a Plank360!


     Every year one in three Americans age 65 and older fall.  According to the Center of Disease Control, every 14 seconds an older adult is treated in the Emergency Room due to a fall and every 29 minutes a death occurs due to that fall.  So…how’s your balance? And what’s your fall record?    Heck, I have fallen twice in the last 6 months.  And what about your parents? What is their fall history?  Have we had any falls lately?

     Aside from eating clean and nutritious together with aerobic and brain exercise, THE best way to improve balance and prevent a fall is by strengthening the core of our body.  Our core is our torso area, actually from our shoulders down to the top of our hips, or lower pelvic area which controls all of our body’s movements.  Our core is the center of our power to lift, sit, stand, lie down or bend over.  Our core is responsible for keeping your center of gravity stable.  When our core is not strong, our balance is off.  When our balance is off, our confidence is diminished and we are unsure of ourselves, making it easy to give in to a fall.

     While all our body movements are powered by our core, this power must be instructed by our brain.   Having a strong body core ensures a strong brain.  The need for core moving activity shoots demands for actions to the cerebellum, the area of the brain in the back of our head next to the brain stem.  The cerebellum area acts as a computer, processing information for a quick and clear response involving our balance, equilibrium, muscle coordination and positional awareness.  Strengthening our core improves our brain’s ability to quickly think on our feet, correcting actions and movement, thereby preventing falls.  Thus our core and our brain are inner related:  without a healthy brain you cannot have a strong core and you cannot have a strong core without a healthy brain.

     With a strong core our center and adjoining abdominal muscles are tight, shoulders are naturally held back and spine is aligned naturally.  Consequently, discs in our lower back are supported with adjacent tight muscles increasing our mobility and flexibility, diminishing lower back pain.  Respiration and lung capacity is improved as the muscles supporting the diaphragm allow for deeper and fuller breaths, consequently more oxygen circulates in our blood to our brain.

     So how do you strengthen your core?  Any exercise helps to build core muscles.  Yoga and Pilate exercising develops core inner strength.  Sit ups and other abdominal exercises are a terrific way and perhaps the easiest.

     But, can you or your parents get down on the floor for these exercises?  Yea, mine neither.  So for ease in developing their core, I bought them the Plank 360.  They use it, not nearly enough, but do see results from using this unique exercising apparatus.  And you may be interested in this too.   The Plank 360 is a set of bands secured together that you hang on a door.  Pulling the bands creates resistance allowing core muscles to be isolated and over time, stays strengthened.

   It is cheap, easy to use, and when used, truly works. Click here to check out their video. Try it out.

     For fall prevention, improve your balance by having a strong body core and with a strong core, you will have a strong brain which will help prolong your life. Now suck in that stomach, sit up straight, shoulders back and go order a Plank 360 for a strong core and a healthy brain!

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