Corn for BREAKFAST? 2nd post to find out why NOT

     In our last ‘corn’ post we ventured into the first fact of how corn causes dementia.

     2. While neurons operate from electric impulses, microglia cells (the cells that turn mad) are fueled by chemicals, i.e. nutrients.  That’s why we eat, to give our microglia cells good nutrients for our brain to function. Processed food is not nutritional, it is nothing more than severely broken down fruits and vegetables ‘beefed’ up with synthetic chemicals to hold it to other chemicals and make it taste better and look nice.  No wonder our brain cells turn mad.

     When was the last time you read a food label?  On your corn flakes ingredient listing it contains trisodium phosphate (TSP).  Yea, I didn’t study chemistry either but TSP is an inorganic water soluble salt used as a food additive that acts as a cleaning agent and degreaser, sometimes used to keep fats blended.

Hmmm..Dawn in your brain?

     How about BHT, listed about 1/3 way down the label.  Study shoes BHT, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, is a synthetic compound used to prevent fat from oxidizing and is a key ingredient to jet fuel, rubber, petroleum products and packaging materials.  Do food processors think if it is good enough for jet fuel, it is good enough for our brain?

     3. Something as potent to our brain as a jet fuel additive is Roundup, an herbicide developed by Monsanto.  Back in the 70s, chemists noticed bacteria growing in the roundup waste dump.  They took the bacteria and genetically implanted it, at first, into potatoes.  When farmers spray Roundup on the potatoes or any other fruit or vegetable, everything dies but the fruit or vegetable. This is the basis of a genetically modified organism and this procedure is responsible for 90% of corn grown in the United States. Yes, the corn you are eating is grown from a genetically modified organism (seed).

     GMOed foods are linked to neurological disorders, not only to Alzheimer’s but other dementias, specifically Parkinson’s disease, autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder), schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.  Yep, those are all dementia diseases and obviously another story in itself.

     Over the years the brain just cannot successfully eliminate the bad chemicals we put into our brain by eating corn, or other manipulated foods for that matter.

     Bottom line, reconsider your corn flakes and corn cereal for breakfast. And not just for breakfast, for every food you put in your mouth, know what it is, what is in it and truly shoot to eat nutritional healthy foods.  Your brain will love you, your body will love you.

     Here’s to your good brain health!