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Corn for Breakfast? You’re Making Your Brain Mad

This is your 3rd Post of Breakfast Brain Foods When you load up on your special corn flakes cereal you are actually speed starting your dementia. Here’s how corn causes dementia…3 Facts. Most cereals contain fat building high fructose corn syrup.  Second your cornflakes are processed which means nutrients from this vegetable are stripped and synthetic […]

Coffee with Breakfast: it Prevents Dementia

This is Post 2 of your Breakfast Brain Food Series Coffee is a natural, organic food and it helps prevent cognitive decline—to prevent dementia leading to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Yep, your morning Joe prevents Dementia… but there’s a catch. While many studies on mice and rats suggest that caffeinated coffee protects against Alzheimer’s Disease, direct human evidence […]

From now on…Blueberries for breakfast.

Blueberries are incredible brain foods we can eat for breakfast that will be eneficial to our brains as well as keep us going to mid morning snack or to an early lunch.  Did you add some blueberries to your oatmeal this morning? Right off the bat, know eating fresh fruits and vegetables not only slows brain […]

Are You Ready?

For a 10K, 5K or 2 mile funrun? How about a bowling or table tennis tournament? Are you ready for any other big athletic event? How about cancer or a stoke? Are you ready, mentally and physically, to tackle a grave illness? If I said “me neither” that would probably make you feel better. But I’m […]

Did You Win?

While driving home I start my ‘touching base’ phone calls to my parents. My dad, the mall walker, answers. “Did you win?” “Dad?” I startle back. “No, yes, no…well yes Dad I did.” Getting out of the car in the carport, neighbor Meg shouts over, “Hey Janet I saw you, did you win?” Her answer […]

What Will Yours Be?

Some illness is going to get us. We all know we cannot live forever and at the end of the journey is death. For many, something comes along as we make this journey and knocks us down, throwing us into a series of illnesses resulting in a slow body breakdown. From diabetes I and II, […]

Decrease your Brain Atrophy—One Method

Are you taking Tagament*, Pepcid* or Zantac*? How about Prevacid* or Prilosec*? Are you a diabetic possibly taking Metformin*? In our fast food, chemical laden processed food, super sized, second helping, carb and sugar laden society, our stomachs are in constant over drive processing all we consume. In this 20 or 30 year continuous tread […]