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5 White, ‘Brain Damaging’ Foods

They kill your brain cells, point blank. Over time, brain fog, lack of memory, and additional cognitive impairment leading to Alzheimer’s and other dementias pursues.   What are “they”?  The 5 white brain damaging foods.  These include: 1) white wheat flour 2) white rice 3) white corn (yes it is white when processed, when the […]

For a better brain…which diet is best for YOU?

Our brain fog, forgetfulness and severe energy depletion is taking its toll and wearing us down. Recent healthcare mantra touts this is NOT part of normal aging yet when consistently experienced, leads to dementia. So you perk up and pay a bit more attention to your health, your actions and what healthcare professionals are saying: […]

Explanatory List of Brain Diets

Here is a list of brain enhancing diets.  The recommendation for my Gut in Gear participants is based on their current cognitive abilities and is tailored to them depending on THEIR microbiome, lifestyle, genes, health condition and motivation.  My suggestions are a combination of many of these diets.   MEND Metabolic Enhanced Neurodegerative Diet or Mind […]

8 in 2018: YOUR Top Questions Regarding YOUR Brain Health and Dementia

8 in 2018: Answers to YOUR Most Frequently Asked Questions: 1.In the Q&A after your speech, you advised never to retire. Could you go over that again. Janet: That’s right. Never retire your brain, always keep it working for the rest of your life, specifically working to solve new problems or challenges. From shopping in […]

Have You Fallen Lately?

NOT FINISHED How’s your balance?   Do you fall frequently?  Take a simple balancing test.  Go barefoot.  Grab a clock with a second hand or hit the timer on your cell phone.  Place your right hand on a bath or kitchen counter and bend your left knee which will pull up your left leg.  You can […]

President Trump, to quell the Alzheimer’s questions, here is what to do:

(a quick 3 minute read) Former White House Aid Omarosa Manigault Newman in her book Unhinged claims that changes in President Trump’s actions stem from his mental decline which is leading to dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s. This ‘does Trump have Alzheimer’s?’ question has been raised by opponents since his candidacy. And now various articles from Business Insider, […]