Brain note to the Tax Man…


Hello Bob,
Year after year you and your staff rave over my kumquat pie I give you in appreciation for preparing my taxes.
This year, no kumquat pie; it is too much sugar and processed dairy. I’ve got to walk the talk.
Many forms of Dementia are basically Diabetes III—three, like Diabetes I and II where insulin is a problem. Like the pancreas, the brain produces insulin too and if we eat too much sugar and not enough nutrients, we overburden our brain cells where insulin cannot get all the nutrients into our brain cells, thus we starve our brain cells, cause them to die. And that’s what dementia is, significant death of brain cells over series of years. Dementia begins to formulate in your brain 10 to 15 years before symptoms ever occur.
So…no sugar and no processed bleached wheat flour this year. (Processed bleached wheat flour it a simple carbohydrate which quickly turns to sugar plus it is loaded with gluten and our gut brain nor our head brain can digest or process it–it causes bad problems.  To know more on the damage wheat does to our brains, read another article I wrote here.)
Here is an all natural carrot bread; need more experimenting with kumquats though. Hopefully kumquat all natural something next year.
Thank you for your tax preparation service.

This is ‘not real sweet’ bread, nice for a breakfast snack
with coffee or hot tea.
1 1/3 cup cooked and pureed organic Carrots
(about 2 overloaded cups baby carrots = 1 1/3 cup pureed)
3 Eggs from free range chickens, beaten
1 cup Regular Olive Oil (can use EVOO but taste may be too strong in bread)
2 Tablespoons Vanilla
¼ +/- cup of Honey
½ cup organic Coconut Flour
½ cup organic Flax Seed Flour
1 cup chopped roasted Pecans
Add carrots with all liquid ingredients and blend thoroughly in mixer, add dry ingredients. Pour into greased rectangle bread pan and bake 50 minutes 350 degrees.
Special note: if you cannot find or do not have flax seed flour, you can use coconut flour, less though, use only 2/3 cup. If you do not have coconut flour, use full cup of flax seed flour. Coconut flour hardily soaks up liquids and not as much is needed. I have made this with walnuts and taste is delicious. Make sure you use raw nuts, or roasted nuts, no salt. Salt gives it a more bland taste. And if you want it more sweet, next time increase
honey to 1/3 cup.
Bon Appetite for a healthy brain!!!