C19-Wearing a Mask: Science or Propaganda?

After absorbing the COVID-19 news and medical facts, and experiencing the hoopla, shut downs, closures and social bickering combined with observation of rioting, I had ascertained the situation as individual choice, individual approach and have remained silent these last few months.

It has been safe yet difficult to remain silent.  The doctors who trained me and the other doctors and specialists I follow are befuddled by the panic and fear resulting from extreme attention to this C-19 virus, especially with it having a Case Fatality Rate, CFR, less than previous episodes of a general flu seasons, the 2017-2018 season especially.  Yes, the elderly are more affected than others.

Dr. Michael Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer of The Cleveland Clinic clarifies the situation perfectly…and I quote here: “The COVID-19 CFR of those 70 and older is 3%.  For those 60 and under it less than .0002%. (Janet here, did you notice the .zeros?) This is near double a typical flu season.  What you really need to do is protect people who are over the age of 70.  Protect them from the risk if they were exposed to the virus. On the other hand, most of the economy, 95-97%, is driven by the younger people and they do not need to be protected.  You can open the whole economy and not have much increase in the risk. The problem is without the economy open we are having more deaths of despair than deaths from the COVID virus.” [i]

To my over 70 clients, actually all of my clients, if you wish to wear a mask, it is, should be your CHOICE.  And if you wear one, power to you. 

Yet now in this panic over the COVID-19 virus, state, county and city governments have mandated by executive order, not by democratic law, all citizens are to wear in public face masks over their mouth and noses.

Continual wearing of face masks causes hypoxia, continual wearing is dangerous and harmful to oneself, especially to your brain.

The U.S. Surgeon General,  VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H. recently announced there was no need for people to wear a face mask unless they were actively infected[ii].

In the beginning COVID-19 outbreaks, The U.S. Center for Disease Control, CDC, along with The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIAID, did not suggest wearing face masks and in fact advised against it. Monthly history tells us they were, in fact, scared that PPG, personal protective gear, would be scarce for hospital and 1st responder staff. Now that inventory is plentiful they, the CDC directed by Robert R. Redfield and NIAID under Anthony Fauci, strongly suggest everyone wear a mask.

Isn’t it quite a coincidence that Fauci owns a sub-patent[iii] for Remdesivir, COVID-19’s leading vaccine under development and propose testing by the California company Gilead.  Fauci also designed the FDA study[iv] to evaluate the efficacy of Remdesivir.

For containing a pandemic there is no scientific proof that wearing a mask is effective. If my research proves otherwise, please provide the studies.

In fact research points to masks as being ineffective for preventing the spread of viruses[v], [vi], [vii].  Wearing masks is even dangerous as sited by many factors, specifically these three evidential factors:

  1. We exhale to rid our lungs of air that has high levels of CO2 and other none wanted gasses. When you cover your nose and/or mouth you end up re- breathing that air which raises your level of CO2. That can be harmful. It is not natural, it is not an instinctive involuntary bodily function to re-breathe, to inhale immediately exhaled air.
  2. Face masks cause people to breathe exhaled germs and other viruses thus increasing the number of viruses in the lungs and up the nose providing the viruses and germs access to the brain via the olfactory nerves or smell nerves.
  3. The medical journal Respirology cites wearing a mask significantly lowers blood oxygen levels.[viii] Low oxygen is an instigator and pre-determinator of fainting, blacking out or passing out. This is severely adverse to good brain health. And of special concern are the elderly and those suffering from pulmonary conditions such as COPD, asthma, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis. In addition, continual low oxygen levels, or Hypoxia, can lead to lung damage.

Amidst any situation the health and safety of individuals needs to be at top concern.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon now devoted to research. He first found the underlying causes of brain inflammation causing death of brain cells resulting in dementia. At first he was laughed at, made fun of and threatened. Now he is a dementia hero.

He is one of the first doctors I began following.

Monthly, he publishes a medical report I subscribe to and this month, devotes nearly the entire report to mask wearing.

If your mouth does not drop, I bet your eyes will roll.

Here is the report: http://newsletters.newsmax.com/blaylock/issues/D20920D/0920_Blaylock.pdf

 Regardless of age and in light of your lungs, brain and immune system, it is dangerous, harmful and abnormal to continuously wear a face mask. It is a violation of civil liberties and an individual right to RESTRICT THE free BREATHING of our given air. 


In a near last ditch effort to preserve liberty and freedom as well as good brain health of our citizenry, I composed these poignant few paragraphs above giving evidence backed by scientific studies and shot them off in an email to my city council members.

Please feel free to copy and paste these facts to your representatives and local government officials. To save you the time and energy to research their email addresses, here is a FREE political location service devoted to heath choices which will direct you to the proper representatives per your zip code.

Again, here is the link to address and write your political representatives:  https://standforhealthfreedom.com/action/act-now-mandatory-masks-endanger-your-health/

Listed at the end of this article are the direct sources.

Want more information and want to hear what other credible media is saying about this topic?

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Notice this url or web address is through a third party?  That is because this movie is censored and banned on social and public media.  What does that tell you?  Go ahead and try searching for it yourself.  At this writing it is not found via googling or through any search engine.  Please let me know if otherwise.

Addition to article 2nd week post publishing:  Employees my sister managers wear face shields instead of masks.  One employee forgot his shield and had to wear a mask while giving a public address-speech.  His heart went into atrial fibrillation where he was rushed to his doctor’s office where his heart condition was treated.  All because of wearing a mask…

Continual wearing of a mask is dangerous. Continual wearing of a mask is harmful to people’s health.

Following the science, wearing masks should be a choice, not a mandate.  Our leaders must be courageous, not proponents of propaganda.  They need to do what is truly right for our citizens and rescind the mask ordinance.

It is with hope you find this information jaw dropping, as I did, which personally turned to disgust, aggravation which has prodded incentive to fight back.  Maybe you too can fight back. Share my information or comment below.  At least you know the other side.

Say NO to tyranny! Peace, liberty and freedom as well as good brain health to you!






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