Discounted Prescription Drugs in Your Area (This is not Spam or an Advertisement)

Here is 1.45min video of text below.  Let me know if you use this company, if there is anything I should know about it or if you have an additional recommendation.

She is 62 and a ½ marathon runner, that is 13.1 miles by the way.  We are in the same running group and boy is she an inspiration.  Twice a week we gather after our run for a hydration and/or meal and social time.

Knowing that I help seniors stricken with memory loss find their memory and get their brain in gear, and I also help their families too, Marathoner Cindy told me about an on line prescription drug company that may help those that I help.

She and her friend found her friend’s father’s heart medicine 80% cheaper than what she was currently paying.  Simply you enter your zip code and then name of the medicine and out pops a listing of the retail establishments that carry this medicine at the cheapest prices.  I was most impressed.  They were in shock.

I am a migraneur and I look up my migraine medicine.  It was about the same price, so not cost savings for me.

But for you?  Who knows.  It’s worth a try.

Full disclosure here:  there is no financial relation.  This company does not know me from Adam, they don’t even know what I do.  And that is I help those suffering cognition problems, us middle agers to seniors having trouble keeping our memory, help them find it and get it back, help them prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias from taking over their brains, taking over their lives!  I have a 9 step simple process.  If you need help please let me know. Here is my on line booking for a free 15+ minute call.

I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a dementia practitioner but I am YOUR brain health specialist.  GoodRx and Good Luck!

From her recent training based on clinical trials and scientifically proven studies,  Janet has developed a 9 step process, with results staring in 4 months or less, where she counsels those whose mind is being vacuumed away by Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and develops a reversal protocol plan of action for them so they can continue to enjoy life and make memories.  For more information click here

Janet is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and former Dementia Healthcare Administrator.  After years of being at the bedside, holding your mother’s hand trying to caress the dementia way, Janet immersed herself in brain research, attended two neurological ‘brain health schools’ and has been trained in the Dale Bredesen, MD Dementia Reversal RECODE Program.  Now Janet is on a mission to power up people’s brains to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias and reverse cognitive impairment.  She has a 9 Step Reversal Process and counsels many one-on-one. Learn more about Janet here.


 The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or to be a substitute for advice from your healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health. 




Here is my 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/ Memory Retention MAP!


Click here to schedule a quick 10-15 minute call to see if this is right for you or yours!







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