Latest Dementia Statistics, C19 and MORE!

Ever had these questions:

What is the latest on Dementia Statistics,

Diagnosed Dementia vs. Senior Moments, what is the Difference

Senility vs Dementia?

When are YOU Truly Losing It?

The Role of Genes, Do They Matter?

4 Key Factors for Dementia Prevention

Description of 2 Brains in Our Bodies

COVID-19 basic prevention guidance (at the end)

Get the answers in the latest podcast I was a guest of, Gulf Coast Life, where each semi topic on the list above is covered.  Join in here and listen.   Or click on the buildings on the photo/image to activate the link.  The episode is 40 minutes.  And please leave a reply below with any questions you may have that were NOT covered or if you would like more information.

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Janet Rich Pittman, SCALA, CDP




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