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#1 Way to Get and Keep Your Brain in Gear

Hello, so glad to see you and glad you tuned in. You are here because I am going to reveal the latest science that tells us #1 Way to Get and Keep Your Brain In Gear.
In this video you are also going to learn the 3 main causes of brain drain,
brain fog leading to Alzheimer’s.

And I’ll show you how you can venture further to keep your cognition intact and your brain fully functioning. This video is about 13 minutes long so you might want to pause the video and go up and save the url or the address on your internet browser so you can come back to it if we are interrupted.

If you are like me and many of the other people I work more closely with, you want to save and review the information, good information that can help you get ahead in life, help you get into good brain health.

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Janet Rich Pittman. It’s very nice to see you. I am a brain health specialist. I am a former dementia administrator and dementia practitioner.
I served three locked down dementia facilities, in the range of 16 to 54 beds. And because of the small size I was able to give hands on service to my patients. And I truly grew to love some of my patients. The humiliation, the agony, the suffering my patients and their families went through, to finally my patients giving in, to death, just took it’s toll on me.

In our dementia training they teach us how to care for patients, they tell us what is happening, but they don’t give us the why or the possible causes. I wanted to know why. Why could Mr. Riley put together a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in two or three hours but could not speak or feed himself? And here we have Roger Gentlihome who won the tennis championship at the Senior Olympic Games at age 102.

So I hit the books, actually medical reports, combing through journal after journal and database after database. I found and follow a number of scientists who are making strides in Alzheimer’s and other dementias, other neurological degenerative issues. And I have latched on to four from US and one from Italy. Just a few years ago they reversed severe cognitive impairment of 9 out of 10 patients, participants if you will.

Next study 45 of 45 were reversed and today’s date hundreds have been reversed right up at the 1000 mark.

These are people like Mr. Riley who can now talk and feed themselves not to mention snuggle up with their grandchildren, remember their birthdays and fix them supper—plan a fun night for the grandchildren
to sleep over!

Today I’m going to give you the foundation of how to keep our brain healthy and give you the beginning, the foundation, #1 way to keep our brain in gear and prevent our cognition from fully slipping into Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

First, what is happening in the brain is that a vast hunk of brain cells in a certain section of our brain are dying. The amount of cell death and the location varies from person to person.

Okay, brain cells are dying. Why? And how?

Here is the secret, the #1 reason we get brain fog, brain drain, leading to Alzheimer’s… Alzheimer’s at first is really not a head disease, it is a gut disease. What we eat combined with our DNA can make or break us. In other words, the foods we eat, what we put into our gut, combined with our DNA, can increase our health or make us sick.

Science recently tells us that we have two brains, we have the head brain, area between our ears, behind our eyes and a gut brain, area under our chin down to our hip bones. We create more neurotransmitters in our gut brain that we do in our head brain. Consequently we have more neurotransmitters in our gut brain than in our head brain.

What are neurotransmitters? These are messenger chemicals that travel along our neurons, they send nutrients up to our head brain get dispersed around where these messenger chemicals are now commands that are sent back down to our gut and other organs to tell us how to function and operate. This communication is called


We’ve always know about this brain gut connection. It can be delayed …how about all of us who have embedded in too much alcohol and woken up with horrible hangover and headache.

With heavy stress, a test or presentation coming up we get sick to our stomachs, have diarrhea or vomit.

Or this brain gut connection can be acute-right away. My girlfriend is allergic to crab, we were at a holiday open house, she looks at me and says, “that dip had crab in it”. I knew of her condition and I parted the waters, the people and barely made it to the kitchen sink where she upchucked and upchucked.

Cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, is not acute, symptoms are not going to pop up right away.

Over time based on what we put in our gut and our DNA we starve our brain cells and create hyper inflammation and/or a combination of this starvation and inflammation.

Right there are the three causes of Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairment. 1. We starve or brain cells, 2. We cause hyper inflammation in our brain cells and 3. A combination of this starvation and hyper inflammation.

Let’s go a little bit deeper, when brain cells are starved, they cannot get the nutrients needed to operate, for those messenger molecules to run and command so the neurons shrivel up and die. Inflammation is like when you get a cut and maybe a little infection with puss, that’s inflammation working, your immune system is in operation, getting the bacteria and toxins out of that particular area, out of your body. A scab forms, new skin grows back. This is inflammation working, killing bad and damaged cells, creating growing new cells.

But hyper inflammation is when something triggers inflammation in your brain and the bad cells are eaten—but inflammation just keeps eating and eating all the cells, the good cells too, it cannot shut off.

So what causes this starvation and inflammation? Roughly, there are 7 triggers but the problem is there is not one acting alone. There are two, usually three to four that start a cascade of brain cell death and it all depends upon your intake or consumption of these triggers—the intake of these triggers in association with your DNA.

I met Juliana at a marketing conference. She was not as sharp and pungent as I felt an accountant should be. She is an accounting consultant. When she learned of my training, she confided in me of her continual cognitive slipping, forgetting clients, not understanding formulas she had created on the spread sheets a year ago. She said she was leaving out details in her analysis. “Janet”, she sighed, “I’m just tired and lethargic all the time.”

Even though we live on opposite sides of the county, she wanted me to help her. I worked with her GP, we had some testing done where we learned she had a high level on her hs-CRP test, this is a blood test for inflammation. After Juliana and I put our heads together we realized it was a continual infection in her mouth from where she had her wisdom teeth removed about 4 years earlier. It took a few months after a ‘cleaning out dental procedure’ but all her cognitive failing are gone and she is sharp as a tack—crunching those numbers!

Mike and I are runners. He’s about 5’11” and skinnier than I am, just a string bean. When he found out what I do he confided in me he, that he was, in his words, “losing his marbles” and he was about to lose his job. It was everything he said, he could not remember his computer password, had trouble recognizing faces at work, he’d miss meetings, even if he’d written them down. His neurologist told him: get your affairs in order. He asked me what would I suggest. Everyone wants a snap decision, a quick cure. Alzheimer’s and other dementias have taken years to percolate in your mind, and it affects everyone differently pending your DNA and lifestyle. I told Mike it is a complicated disease and unfortunately turnaround can be complicated that if he would share with me his test results and go over a bit of history I’d be glad to help him. So we did, went over all he had but he was missing some hormone test results. He didn’t want to do testing again so I combed his lifestyle started with his running and diet, changed 1 thing and I added a couple of other supplements and boom…night and day difference. He is thriving now at work and has gained about 20 pounds.

Every time we see each other at races or with our running group Mike hugs me and brags on me but I always turn the conversation because he did it. He just had my help. Just like Juliana had my help. And I have helped a lot more. Currently I am getting their testimonies and will put them on my website. But now the questions is, How can I help you? Can I help you or a loved one?

You’re a member of my brain health revolution so I give you quick and short information here and there. I do try not to wear out my welcome. But I know it is not enough. Even when I give speeches 30 minutes to an hour up to half day seminars, I walk away saying to myself there is so much more I can give.

Would you like to set up a meeting and see what I can do for you or a loved one in your family? And if not now, maybe in the future, let’s stay in touch. My mission is to help you or a loved one take hold of your brain health and get the brain is gear so to be fully functioning.

Usually when I meet with folks, I charge a basic fee to begin consultation. But with this video, I offer a FREE, free strategy session where we will access you or a loved one’s current situation and determine what is needed right away to get the brain in gear.

Simply email me with subject line “free strategy session” so in turn you can have the ability and freedom to engage in life, like Mike and Juliana, where YOU or a loved one will feel a new found freedom after the brain fog lifts, where the knack to concentrate swings back and confusion is replaced with crystal clear thinking and proper decision making. Your confidence returns confirming you can remain and live independent for years to come.

Below, I’ve given you 2 flyers of what we talked about earlier, 3 Causes of Alzheimer’s and 7 Triggers of Alzheimer’s. As you can see, these flyers and this video just scratch the surface.

Together we can go deeper into your specific brain situation and have you and your brain in gear and operating on all cylinders.

Email me your free strategy session. I’m Janet Rich Pittman wishing you the very best in good brain health.



Three Main Causes of Alzheimer’s, click here.

Seven Triggers of Alzheimer’s, click here.


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