The List for Concentrating


The Concentration Cheat Sheet

Fight your Senior Moments and Brain Accidents

Pay Extra Attention by:

  • writing things down,

  • keeping lists,

  • setting alarms and reminders on your computer, laptop and/or cell phone,

  • completing a single task before another (no multi tasking) and by

  • organizing your priorities.

How to Remember Names:

When introduced to a new person, treat them as if they are the most important person ever.  Tell yourself why you need to remember them.  Repeat their name to yourself over and over.  Find something of their face or attire, or maybe an immediate connection with them and the event and link it with their name.  Say their name aloud in conversation.  Repeat their name aloud in saying good-bye.  As you are walking away, pat yourself on the back for your concentrated efforts and silently tell yourself “it was nice to meet ‘the name'”.

Bottom Line:

  • Fight aging with Good Brain Health.

  • Don’t let things, names, important info slip by.

  • Concentrate on concentrating.