C19-Wearing a Mask: Science or Propaganda?

After absorbing the COVID-19 news and medical facts, and experiencing the hoopla, shut downs, closures and social bickering combined with observation of rioting, I had ascertained the situation as individual choice, individual approach and have remained silent these last few months.

It has been safe yet difficult to remain silent.  The doctors who trained me and the other doctors and specialists I follow are befuddled by the panic and fear resulting from extreme attention to this C-19 virus, especially with it having a Case Fatality Rate, CFR, less than previous episodes of a general flu seasons, the 2017-2018 season especially.  Yes, the elderly are more affected than others.

Dr. Michael Roizen, the Chief Wellness Officer of The Cleveland Clinic clarifies the situation perfectly…and I quote here: “The COVID-19 CFR of those 70 and older is 3%.  For those 60 and under it less than .0002%. (Janet here, did you notice the .zeros?) This is near double a typical flu season.  What you really need to do is protect people who are over the age of 70.  Protect them from the risk if they were exposed to the virus. On the other hand, most of the economy, 95-97%, is driven by the younger people and they do not need to be protected.  You can open the whole economy and not have much increase in the risk. The problem is without the economy open we are having more deaths of despair than deaths from the COVID virus.” [i]

To my over 70 clients, actually all of my clients, if you wish to wear a mask, it is, should be your CHOICE.  And if you wear one, power to you. 

Yet now in this panic over the COVID-19 virus, state, county and city governments have mandated by executive order, not by democratic law, all citizens are to wear in public face masks over their mouth and noses.

Continual wearing of face masks causes hypoxia, continual wearing is dangerous and harmful to oneself, especially to your brain.

The U.S. Surgeon General,  VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., M.P.H. recently announced there was no need for people to wear a face mask unless they were actively infected[ii].

In the beginning COVID-19 outbreaks, The U.S. Center for Disease Control, CDC, along with The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIAID, did not suggest wearing face masks and in fact advised against it. Monthly history tells us they were, in fact, scared that PPG, personal protective gear, would be scarce for hospital and 1st responder staff. Now that inventory is plentiful they, the CDC directed by Robert R. Redfield and NIAID under Anthony Fauci, strongly suggest everyone wear a mask.

Isn’t it quite a coincidence that Fauci owns a sub-patent[iii] for Remdesivir, COVID-19’s leading vaccine under development and propose testing by the California company Gilead.  Fauci also designed the FDA study[iv] to evaluate the efficacy of Remdesivir.

For containing a pandemic there is no scientific proof that wearing a mask is effective. If my research proves otherwise, please provide the studies.

In fact research points to masks as being ineffective for preventing the spread of viruses[v], [vi], [vii].  Wearing masks is even dangerous as sited by many factors, specifically these three evidential factors:

  1. We exhale to rid our lungs of air that has high levels of CO2 and other none wanted gasses. When you cover your nose and/or mouth you end up re- breathing that air which raises your level of CO2. That can be harmful. It is not natural, it is not an instinctive involuntary bodily function to re-breathe, to inhale immediately exhaled air.
  2. Face masks cause people to breathe exhaled germs and other viruses thus increasing the number of viruses in the lungs and up the nose providing the viruses and germs access to the brain via the olfactory nerves or smell nerves.
  3. The medical journal Respirology cites wearing a mask significantly lowers blood oxygen levels.[viii] Low oxygen is an instigator and pre-determinator of fainting, blacking out or passing out. This is severely adverse to good brain health. And of special concern are the elderly and those suffering from pulmonary conditions such as COPD, asthma, emphysema or pulmonary fibrosis. In addition, continual low oxygen levels, or Hypoxia, can lead to lung damage.

Amidst any situation the health and safety of individuals needs to be at top concern.

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon now devoted to research. He first found the underlying causes of brain inflammation causing death of brain cells resulting in dementia. At first he was laughed at, made fun of and threatened. Now he is a dementia hero.

He is one of the first doctors I began following.

Monthly, he publishes a medical report I subscribe to and this month, devotes nearly the entire report to mask wearing.

If your mouth does not drop, I bet your eyes will roll.

Here is the report: http://newsletters.newsmax.com/blaylock/issues/D20920D/0920_Blaylock.pdf

 Regardless of age and in light of your lungs, brain and immune system, it is dangerous, harmful and abnormal to continuously wear a face mask. It is a violation of civil liberties and an individual right to RESTRICT THE free BREATHING of our given air. 


In a near last ditch effort to preserve liberty and freedom as well as good brain health of our citizenry, I composed these poignant few paragraphs above giving evidence backed by scientific studies and shot them off in an email to my city council members.

Please feel free to copy and paste these facts to your representatives and local government officials. To save you the time and energy to research their email addresses, here is a FREE political location service devoted to heath choices which will direct you to the proper representatives per your zip code.

Again, here is the link to address and write your political representatives:  https://standforhealthfreedom.com/action/act-now-mandatory-masks-endanger-your-health/

Listed at the end of this article are the direct sources.

Want more information and want to hear what other credible media is saying about this topic?

Try these links…


Anti-Maskers: Right or Selfish?

Del Bigtree, TV Producer, The HighWire




A Review of Science Relevant to COVID 19-Social Policy

Denis Rancourt, PhD, Ontario Civil Liberties Association





Tony Robbins interviews many experts.

3 hour podcast: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/podcasts/covid-19-facts-from-the-frontline/

13 minute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgP_Au5RZVw



The Money Behind COVID-19…Who is Bill Gates:

James Corbett, The Corbett Report 5.1.20







Notice this url or web address is through a third party?  That is because this movie is censored and banned on social and public media.  What does that tell you?  Go ahead and try searching for it yourself.  At this writing it is not found via googling or through any search engine.  Please let me know if otherwise.

Addition to article 2nd week post publishing:  Employees my sister managers wear face shields instead of masks.  One employee forgot his shield and had to wear a mask while giving a public address-speech.  His heart went into atrial fibrillation where he was rushed to his doctor’s office where his heart condition was treated.  All because of wearing a mask…

Continual wearing of a mask is dangerous. Continual wearing of a mask is harmful to people’s health.

Following the science, wearing masks should be a choice, not a mandate.  Our leaders must be courageous, not proponents of propaganda.  They need to do what is truly right for our citizens and rescind the mask ordinance.

It is with hope you find this information jaw dropping, as I did, which personally turned to disgust, aggravation which has prodded incentive to fight back.  Maybe you too can fight back. Share my information or comment below.  At least you know the other side.

Say NO to tyranny! Peace, liberty and freedom as well as good brain health to you!






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[viii] https://www.researchgate.net/publication/42588111_Surgical_mask_placement_over_N95_filtering_facepiece_respirators_Physiological_effects_on_healthcare_workers



#1 Vitamin to Treat Genuine Sepsis and Repel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The media has stirred up the Coronavirus which is a SARI (Sever Acute Respiratory Infection) also known as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) officially labeled/named COVID-19 (Coronavirus Discovered 2019) saying it massively effects the elderly resulting in death.

The elderly have dementia. And according to the British Medical Journal, the population in some communities, NOT nursing home nor Assisted Living nor dementia lock down facilities, age 70 and younger that have undiagnosed dementia[i] is 90%.

Those, whose brain is slipping, who have any form of cognitive impairment, diagnosed dementia or not, are at risk. When you have dementia, the brain is on fire with hyper inflammation and NO tropic support.[ii] The brain leads the control of the body therefore, suffering from poor brain health, with a weak brain, the immune system of the entire body is compromised and weak. With a weak immune system, the body cannot successfully fight off ANY infection.

Coronavirus is a virus which attacks your immune system in your lungs leading to infection which results in death caused by pneumonia which quickly turns into sepsis or blood poisoning.

While we are awaiting a counter to the Coronavirus to STOP the infection from spreading know about the use of antibiotics over time.  Heavy antibiotics kill sepsis, turns around pneumonia, but regular antibiotic use over your lifetime kills your microbiome or gut brain which instigates the communication to your head brain. Your microbiome controls your digestion and your body’s metabolism. And if you have been on a number of antibiotics back to back for various illnesses, your microbiome may be so weak it does not function properly, which means it cannot fight off the Coronavirus or ANY infection.

Dysbiosis and a medley of other illnesses such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, IBS, continual diarrhea or massive constipation, brain fog, kidney trouble, possible heart issues all the way up to cancer growth,hello Colon cancer, can result when your head brain-gut brain communication becomes weak and damaged. And these antibiotic side effects are magnified or exacerbated when antibiotics are combined with other medications.

As we are waiting for them to tell us what exactly will counter/kill the Cornonavirus 19, if you or an elderly come down with sepsis from the phenomena from COVID19, the miracle drug[iii] with virtually no side effects for sepsis is the HAT treatment…small doses of IV administered hydrocortisone (basic steroid), ascorbic acid(Vit C) and thiamine (Vit B1) a recipe comprised or a protocol developed by Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care doctor at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia and as proven in a scientific study reported by the Journal Chest.[iv] His retrospective before-after clinical study showed giving patients 200 mg of thiamine every 12 hours, 1,500 mg of ascorbic acid every six hours, and 50 mg of hydrocortisone every six hours for two days reduced mortality from 40% to 8.5%.

There is synergy with B1 and the steroid hydrocortisone along with Vitamin C to crank up the immune system. Vitamin C itself is a potent oxidizing agent that energizes organs and can help eliminate pathogens when given in high doses. Mainly, vitamin C is a significant fighter successfully reducing inflammation. [v]

If an elder in your family has dementia or a week immune system and they become sick, immediately get them on a series of high doses of liposomal** Vitamin C.  Even if they are not sick, they need to be on twice daily dose of liposomal Vitamin C now and for the rest of their lives.  And this is something you might consider too.

If you suspect the flu, of course you will want to see a doctor but know under their current condition of weak cognitive brain health, sepsis is most inevitable.

Until there is a way to directly target the Coronavirus, know about the Marik Protocol cure for sepsis, share it with your doctor or if you find yourself at the emergency room, before or AFTER COVID-19, communicate this protocol with their staff.

Here is a 5 page listing of the trials and studies, proof that the treatment works.  For easy copying purposes, here is the link: www.JanetRichPittman.com/sepsis.

Bottom line…for dementia patients, the elderly, for us all…stay healthy, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, eat your vitamin C (red bell peppers have the most vitamin C of any fruit or vegetable but eat a variety of both) and take a liposomal version of vitamin C to mimic IV infusion and increase absorption**.

Fighting and Finding the cause of this hyper inflammation is a key step in my Dementia/Alzheimer’s Reversal and Memory Retention Protocol.  I cross reference each of these steps with your current condition—successfully going through the program brings back your cognition and provides good brain health for the rest of your life.

If you’d like more information on this 9 Step Reversal/Retention Program, based on scientific studies and clinical medical trials, here is a link and I have included it at the very bottom of this article.

On my website home page find the orange box and schedule a free 10-15 minute call to see if I can help you or yours. Or click here.

In regard to our current COVID 19/Wuhan Flu scare affecting the elderly and demented…most probably YOU will contaminate them. So YOU stay healthy.  YOU take care of YOU.  Again…Eat your fruits and vegetables. Take Vitamin C.  Wash your hands.  Don’t touch your face.

I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a dementia practitioner specializing in dementia REVERSAL and dementia Prevention, wishing you and YOURS the very best in good brain health.


[i] https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/7/2/e011146

[ii]  that is support of nutrition and healthy actions to/in the brain

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**Let’s do some chemistry here. Each cell in our bodies is wrapped in a coat of oil.  Vitamin C and most nutrients are water based.  Oil and water do not mix.  We need help getting the Nutrients into our cells.   Insulin is the hormone we create to get the water nutrients into our cells but many of us are insulin dependent, especially dementia patients whether they have diabetes or not, they just do not produce enough insulin.  Liposomal is a technology that wraps vitamin c in an oil coating and mimics IV absorption—we need it to make sure we get that vitamin C into our bodies.

Examples ONLY to help you understand.  No affiliation with these products.

Click each line which will take you to…

5 Page Listing of Sources/Medical Studies-Clinical Trials proving HAT treatment of Sepsis

9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/Memory Retention Protocol Listing:

FREE 10-15 minute call to see if I can help you or yours with cognitive impairment.


 The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or to be a substitute for advice from your healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.   

Brain Healthy Christmas Cookies to Spread the Joy

Holidays and special events…we all overeat, especially at Christmas.  It is so hard to turn away and not indulge during the celebrations. Every specialty food is loaded with preservatives, additives and yes…sugar.  But I have found a Christmas Cookie which gives the perfect ingredients for the proper, nutritious feeding of our head brains and our gut brains without excess sugar.

These cookies date back to the middle ages when the advent of celebrating the birth of Christ began to replace traditional European solstice rituals.  Around this same time, commerce instigated gastronomic changes into the world of cooking, particularly introducing foreign spices.

Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper, along with other spices, were just starting to become widely used with dried exotic fruits like citron, apricots and dates adding sweetness and texture to desserts.

These ingredients, along with sugar were not always readily available and quite expensive.  Combined with lard or butter, gastronomic treats hosting these ingredients would have been prized as expensive delicacies.  Only on the most important holiday could families afford treats like these which led to a baking bonanza to prepare for Christmas.

And unlike pies or cakes, cookies could be easily shared and given to friends and neighbors. Christmas cookies date back to these medieval gifts.

For example peppery Papparkakor from Sweden, lemony Krumkake from Norway, almond flavored Letterbanket from Holland and/or spicy Lebkuchen from Germany are traditional Christmas delicacies.

Granted, however similar, ingredients today are not the same ingredients of the middle ages.  So in translating traditional ingredients for modern day ingredients, we have two basic ‘good head brain and gut brain’ problems…flour, specifically gluten, and sugar.  In analyzing these historic Christmas cookie recipes for healthy brain ingredients, Lebkuchen from Germany, holds the best promise as it calls for no flour, you can make it low sugar and it has a high ratio of nuts.  Honestly:  this recipe is a bit involved but the taste without the guilt is so worth the effort.  Treat you and yours.  Merry Christmas.

Thanks go to economist David D. Friedman for his medieval German cookbook research and Kimberly Killebrew, her website, The Daring Gourmet, for the inspiration for making this dish brain food accessible.


German Lebkuchen


  • 5 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 cups honey
  • 1 teaspoon quality pure vanilla extract
  • 2 cups almond meal
  • 2 cups hazelnut meal ^
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 3 teaspoons Lebkuchengewürz, homemade preferred(see **below for the recipes)
  • 4 ounces candied lemon peel, homemade preferred, **
  • 4 ounces candied orange peel, homemade preferred, **
  • Blanched whole almonds cut in half lengthwise +

^I did not have any hazelnut meal in the pantry so I used 4 cups of almond meal and cookies were superb!

+just buy sliced Almonds at grocery

For the Chocolate Glaze:

  • 3 ounces quality dark chocolate powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil – do not use butter

Directions: Place chocolate and oil in a small bowl and slowly heat, stirring occasionally, until melted. If glaze becomes firm, reheat.


1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
2. Pulse candied lemon and orange peel in a food processor until finely minced. Set aside.
3. In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs until foamy. Add the sugar, honey and vanilla extract and beat until combined.
4. Add the ground almonds and hazelnuts, salt, baking powder, Lebkuchengewürz, and candied lemon and orange peels and stir vigorously until thoroughly combined. (You can use a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment and beat for about 2 minutes). The mixture will be wet but if it is too thin to scoop add some more almond or hazelnut meal.
5. Scoop blobs of the mixture onto a greazed or parchment paper lined cookie sheet and press down with the bottom of a glass to make flat. Dip glass in bit coconut oil if dough sticks.
6. Bake on the middle rack of the oven for 25-28 minutes. Remove the cookie sheet and allow to cool completely.
7. Once cooled, place a wire rack over a cookie sheet (to catch the drippings). Dip half the Lebkuchen in the chocolate glaze letting the excess drip back into the bowl and then place the Lebkuchen on the wire rack. Arrange 3 almonds on each Lebkuchen while the glaze is still wet and leave out to hardened.
8. Keep stored in an airtight container or in refrigerator to keep chocolate solid if you have hot Christmas weather. They will keep for several weeks and the flavor improves with time.
9. Makes about 35


Authentic Lebkuchengewürz (German Holiday Spice Blend)**

THE essential ingredient to authentic tasting Lebkuchen, absolutely NOTHING compares to the bold and vibrant flavors of homemade Lebkuchengewürz!
Servings: 4 tablespoons


  • 2 1/2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground green cardamom
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground star anise
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground mace
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

Instructions–Combine the spices together and store in an airtight jar in a cool, dark place for up to one year.


How to Make non sugary Candied Lemon and Orange Peels**

Store bought candied citrus peels coated in crystallized sugar loaded with preservatives and additives is NOT what we want. Honey is the answer.  Plus the taste is so much nicer.  (These homemade citrus peels are the 2nd key to good tasting Lebkuchen.)



  • Peels from 3 oranges and 4 lemons (Can also use grapefruits, Meyer lemons, limes as long as washed and scrubed as citrus is highly sprayed. Use organic if possible.)
  • 2 cups water
  • ¾ cup honey



  1. Slice both ends of the citrus fruits and remove peel. You can remove a little of the white pith but not necessary.  (I just keep all my citrus peels and store in freezer and pull out when needed.) Slice the peels into ¼ inch wide strips.
  2. Cover peels in water and boil for 15 minutes, pour in a colander to drain and rinse twice.
  3. Boil 2 cups fresh water and honey to blend honey. Bring peels to a boil then simmer for 45 minutes, stirring occasionally or until peels become translucent.
  4. Use splotted spoon to remove peels to a wire rack to drip dry. Save excess syrup and add to your smoothie or hot tea.
  5. You can wait to cool to immediately use in Lebkuchen or keep drying for one or two days. Can store in airtight container in refrigerator for few months.


YOU Decide the Validity of This Alzheimer’s Treatment Study

“What do I think of this latest Alzheimer’s treatment?” was the question given with this article in a recent FaceBook conversation announcing the results of a Phase II Trial just embarked by West Virginia University.  (Here is the link to the Facebook conversation, feel free to comment.)

Have a Quick Read: 775 Words, approximately 6 Minutes

Following a good four hour+ investigative behind the scenes research quest…here are the cliff notes…


The Study Background:

Insightec, out of Israel, makes a helmet MRI/Ultrasound machine which is the machine used to treat Alzheimer’s  in the phase II study done through West Virginia University School of Medicine Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute.  This is the first study done in the US, where they separated the blood brain barrier (BBB) with this machine and kept it open for 36 hours.


But does it treat Alzheimer’s?  That is the question, followed by what is the promise and what are the specifics?


How it Works:

Through sound waves, the ultrasound finds targeted tissues and by increasing the power of the waves trough MRI observation, these tissues are disintegrated.  The machine has been successful with 1.  destroying uterine fibroids or leiomyomas/myomas and 2. after specifically targeting bone nerves, the machine destroys nerve cells at the outermost area of the affected bone to relieve pain.  (If you have ever known anyone with bone cancer you know bone cancer gives pain a new definition, it floods intolerable torturous pain.)


While opening the BBB is NOT the cure for Alzheimer’s, the goal of the study is to keep the BBB open to allow ‘medicines’ in to destroy or, through perhaps an additional ultrasound technique, to clear beta amyloid plaques and tau tangles.


My Opinion:

A now retired Dr. David Snowden, PhD spent nearly 25 years studying the brains of nearly 1000 nuns from various convents in the Midwest to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s. These nuns donate their brains to science where after their death, Snowden and his teams extensively dissected, analyzed and probed every brain.

There is so much to be pulled out of Snowden’s study but the main concept, theory, observation was that those nuns who died of Alzheimer’s had the same amount of beta amyloid plaques in their brains as those who died with their full cognizance, with a full functioning brain.

That needs repeating:  the nuns that died from old age or other non Alzheimer’s causes whether an automobile accident, cancer or pneumonia, where they had their full cognition right prior to their death, had the same amount of beta amyloid plaques as those nuns who died while in the full onset,  final stages of Alzheimer’s.

As a brain researcher concentrating on dementia, I’ve got an electronic filing cabinet drawer on beta amyloid plaques and their ‘place’ in the brain. Based on my research, beta amyloid plaques are formed as a protective measure.  They are needed by the brain.

For these ‘cliff notes’ let me just say removing beta amyloid plaques is not the answer, rightly as Snowden and his study of near 1000 nuns showed us.  He has written a book on his study or studies called Aging with Grace.

Opening up the BBB via The Phase II Trial conducted by West Virginia University School of Medicine Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute using Insightec MRI/Ultrasound machine to get rid of the beta amyloid plaques… is questionable.


There are three main causes of dementia/Azheimer’s. The proven key, what has worked to reverse dementia in thousands of invaded patients. is to get to the root of the cause of the symptoms and then counter the prognosis or projection.  Through my 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/Memory Retention Map, (the map found here, the explanation here), we go step by step with an individualized plan to find and keep your memory. First we scrutinize your causes through medical testing and  your medical history topped with analysis to develop your individualized plan.  The remainder 8 steps follow to find equilibrium and balance in your body, in your brain and in your mind so to keep it fully functioning, for the rest of your life!


Would I subject my mother or father to this procedure of the Insightec machine?  Absolutely not.


What do I say to/about this study? 

  1. I’ll be watching. There will be a couple of years for trials to be finalized. Again, hats off to those searching for a clue.
  2. Insightec has a business to run and machines to sell. They’ve done well with dissolving myomas and alleviating pain from bone cancers. Has it justified their ROI? Are they trying to find another means for the machine?
  3. UVW, like all other universities, has to prove their worth and showcase their productivity to ensure steady stream of government and private funding.


Here is the other side of the story.  What is your decision?


Send me more articles and question me about other studies and new drugs targeted to treating Alzheimer’s!


If I can ever help you or yours, reach out.  Schedule a 10-5 minute free call by clicking here to see if you/yours would be a candidate for my 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/Memory Retention Protocol where we see full results in 3-4 months, immediate changes in as little as two weeks.  And if not for the full program, I can at least provide a lengthy strategy session or make recommendations so to get back your memory and keep it, to keep your brain fully and successfully functioning.

I stand ready to help and assist.







Schedule a quick free strategy session click here.

For more information on my 9 Step Alzheimer’s/dementia Reversal Map/Plan click here.

Janet is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and former Dementia Healthcare Administrator.  After years of being at the bedside, holding your mother’s hand trying to caress the dementia way, Janet immersed herself in brain research, attended two neurological ‘brain health schools’ and has been trained in the Dale Bredesen, MD Dementia Reversal RECODE Program.  Now Janet is on a mission to power up people’s brains to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias and reverse cognitive impairment.  She has a 9 Step Process and counsels many one-on-one, learn about it here. Learn more about Janet here.


The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or to be a substitute for advice from your healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.   

My Full Disclosure is Here:

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Optimizing health benefits for you, I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a dementia practitioner, but your brain health specialist counseling to prevent and REVERSE dementia.

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Janet is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and former Dementia Healthcare Administrator.  After years of being at the bedside, holding your mother’s hand trying to caress the dementia way, Janet immersed herself in brain research, attended two neurological ‘brain health schools’ and has been trained in the Dale Bredesen, MD Dementia Reversal RECODE Program.  Now Janet is on a mission to power up people’s brains to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias and reverse cognitive impairment.  She has a 9 Step Reversal Process and counsels many one-on-one. Learn more about Janet here.


 The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or to be a substitute for advice from your healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health. 




Here is my 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/ Memory Retention MAP!


Click here to schedule a quick 10-15 minute call to see if this is right for you or yours!


Why Coffee is a Top Brain Food: Interview on Dublin Ireland’s FM104:

The folks in Ireland want to know about the benefits of drinking coffee. A radio station from Dublin called me out of the blue. They had seen me quoted in a magazine and asked to interview me.

11 Minute Radio Interview

I’ve included the link at the end for you to listen to the interview, what fun with my slow southern idoms and their fast Irish Gaelic! The interview is only 11 minutes but before you click it, let me just tell you what I did not have time to say on the air.

Coffee is a TOP brain food, but it is not for everyone. I give speeches all the time about brain foods and eating for your brain. For some people though, coffee can have negative side effects, two main problems from coffee abuse, you can eat out the lining of your bladder and in synergy with other items, coffee abuse is linked with high blood pressure—and both of these leads to a host of other brain health problems. Plus, for some it just gives them the jitters.

So the question stands, what do you do?

That’s where I come in, your dementia practitioner and brain health specialist.

As a former dementia healthcare administrator, I went back to school and these last few years I have rooted myself in brain research relating to dementia, Alzheimer’s especially, and I have studied under the doctors who have reversed cognitive decline under scientific study and clinical trials. Under their protocols I have developed a 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/Memory Retention Map which I specifically tailor to you or through you for a loved one.

Results as soon as Two Weeks!

We can see results in as little as two weeks, but to get a firm latch on your cognizance it takes roughly 3 to 4 months (and we continue to build and improve for a full 12 months!).

Nutrition is definitely one of my 9 steps to getting your Brain in Gear, we go over brain foods and coffee is one of them but it is not for everyone.

9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal and Memory Retention Map

Enjoy this 11 minute radio show on how drinking coffee can be good for your brain. And if you would like to talk about your situation, you give me your story and we can develop a plan of action for you, please make a free appointment for a videocall. Let me know if I can help you.

I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a Dementia Practitioner but YOUR Brain Health Specialist, helping you find your memory, reverse Alzheimer’s via a 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal and Memory Retention Map so you can age successfully. Enjoy the Irish radio recording!

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From her recent training based on clinical trials and scientifically proven studies,  Janet has developed and facilitates a 9 Step Alzheimer’s/Dementia Reversal/Memory Retention Protocol lasting 3 to 4 months, with results experienced in as little as two weeks, where she counsels and works with those whose mind is being vacuumed away by Alzheimer’s or other dementias.  Janet helps you to find and keep your memory, so you can continue to enjoy life and make memories.


The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition or to be a substitute for advice from your main healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.


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Full disclosure here:  there is no financial relation.  This company does not know me from Adam, they don’t even know what I do.  And that is I help those suffering cognition problems, us middle agers to seniors having trouble keeping our memory, help them find it and get it back, help them prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias from taking over their brains, taking over their lives!  I have a 9 step simple process.  If you need help please let me know. Here is my on line booking for a free 15+ minute call.

I’m Janet Rich Pittman, a dementia practitioner but I am YOUR brain health specialist.  GoodRx and Good Luck!

From her recent training based on clinical trials and scientifically proven studies,  Janet has developed a 9 step process, with results staring in 4 months or less, where she counsels those whose mind is being vacuumed away by Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and develops a reversal protocol plan of action for them so they can continue to enjoy life and make memories.  For more information click here

Janet is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and former Dementia Healthcare Administrator.  After years of being at the bedside, holding your mother’s hand trying to caress the dementia way, Janet immersed herself in brain research, attended two neurological ‘brain health schools’ and has been trained in the Dale Bredesen, MD Dementia Reversal RECODE Program.  Now Janet is on a mission to power up people’s brains to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias and reverse cognitive impairment.  She has a 9 Step Reversal Process and counsels many one-on-one. Learn more about Janet here.


 The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or to be a substitute for advice from your healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health. 




Here is my 9 Step Alzheimer’s Reversal/ Memory Retention MAP!


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Lefties have Better Brains


Your dominant hand, whether  left or right, is determined by the functions of your brain and is part of your cognition.  And lefties have better, healthier brains, better in the sense in that their brains are ‘fatter’, they have more brain cells.

Your dominant hand is determined

by the functions of your brain and

is part of your cognition.

New brain cells make you smarter, quicker, giving you instant recall and allowing for proper snap decision making.  We all need new brain cells, so how did lefties gain the advantage?


Let’s travel back to 8th grade science, where we learned that our right hand is controlled by the left side of our brain and the actions of our left hand are controlled by the right side of our brain.  But we need to make sure we realize that both sides of our brain DO NOT mirror each other.[i] Each side is responsible for certain actions and we have a bundle of nerves called the corpus calosum[ii] that link the two hemispheres which are in part, responsible for inter-hemispheric communication (in other words, both sides communicating for proper brain function).


Lefties use these corpus calosum nerves  when challenged with right hand actions.  Their thoughts, dominant on the right side of their brain are forced to communicate with the left side of their brain.  This forced communication creates new brain cells.[iii]  Consequently, lefties have a larger bundle of these corpus calosum nerves linking our two brain hemispheres than do righties.

Left handed individuals

have more of the corpus calosum nerve fibers

than right handed individuals.



When  we humans learn something new and process new facts, we create new connecting brain cells or synapse[iv].  These are cells that string neurons together and continue your train of thought.


Lefties are constantly learning and processing new information.   And it is because… we live in a right handed world.


Lefties are constantly

 learning and processing

new information.

Reading is backwards, for lefties, to them we should read right to left.  Writing is backwards too.   In our school years, desks were all for right handers.  Scissors and string instruments played havoc, maybe still do, as well.  And through life:

  • Numbers and the ‘enter’ key are on the wrong side of computer keyboards,
  • Phone and mouse are on wrong side of a desk,
  • Major tools are right hand equipped,
  • Door handles and locks are opposite what the inclination is,
  • Everyone greets with the wrong hand as well as
  • Bumps elbows while eating with groups.
  • Credit card swipes are on the right and
  • Even the direction for driving our cars is in favor of right handed folks.

The list goes on and on.


So it’s quite understandable how lefties’ brains develop more cells, they are constantly processing a new way to accomplish a task, a task that is counter to their inclination to reach with their left hand, a task that we righties have already established a routine for.  Voluntary muscles and the nervous system is in automatic gear for righties.  With everything made for the right hand, there is no need for righties to ponder or think of another, new way.


A challenge for righties, especially on national left hander’s day August 13 every year, is to grow more brain cells, create more synapse by using your left hand.


If on your computer, right now, move your mouse to the left side of your keyboard.  If you still have a box phone, change sides too.  If you only use a cell, keep it always on your left.


Turn off the light switch, which is on the right side of the door usually, and grab then use the TV remote with your left hand.  Put your keys in your left pocket, swing your purse over your left shoulder.  Tonight, brush your teeth with your left hand.  Be more observant and whenever you reach your right hand, stop and accomplish the task with your left hand.


Yea, it’s hard.  You really have to stop and process your actions.  This awkwardness, this difficulty is the evidence that in fact, you are creating more brain cells.


The awkwardness, the difficulty in using your left hand

for various everyday tasks

is evidence you are creating more brain cells.

If you are truly serious about creating more synapse, building up your brain cell synapse foundation to truly have good brain health then  enacting on these ‘left handed ‘ actions cannot be just for today.  You have to do this for the rest of your life.


If you are truly serious about building up your brain,

 to have good brain health,

use your left hand for the rest of your life.

Your new goal?  To become ambidextrous.  Yep, righties, change everything you do, from this point forward, except for writing, and do it with your left hand.  You will know you have accomplished this new goal of creating a thicker area of corpus calosum nerves, of fattening up your brain, when it feels more odd to accomplish a task with your right hand than with your left.


At that time, try working on writing with your left hand.  And never stop creating more brain cells.


I’ve been ‘left handing it’ for a number of years and still have trouble styling my hair with my left hand.  I don’t yet write with my left but I sign my name and initial with my left hand and prefer to use my left hand for many tasks now.  Again, it is a continuous life goal to become ambidextrous!


To progress in life and age successfully, we need as many brain cells as we can keep functioning.  Strive for a fatter brain.  Righties, take a play from the lefty play book and always try and use your left hand for your dominant hand.


Wishing for you good brain health, giving you pointers, tools and tips for the best in brain health,



[i] http://www.rightleftrightwrong.com/brain.html


[ii] http://science.sciencemag.org/content/229/4714/665.long


[iii] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18612086

[iv] Whitlock JR, Heynen AJ, Shuler MG and Bear MF. Learning induces long-term potentiation in the hippocampus. Science. 25 August 2006, 313(5790): 1093-1097



The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition or to be a substitute for advice from your main healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.


Janet Rich Pittman
SCALA, CDP, Brain Health Specialist, Dementia Prevention Specialist,
Dementia Administrator, Dementia Practitioner


For more ways to power up your brain, read my ebooklet, 9 Signs You’re Experiencing Brian Drain with Ways to Keep Your Brain Fully Charged.  The electronic version is free or $7.99 for a printed version, shipping included.

Making it Through the 4th, Secrets to Eating Right


You’re following my emails, blog posts and FaceBook posts giving hints and facts of eating to make you ‘brain smart’ and age ‘successfully’ and healthy. You’re feeling great. But now it’s time to go out to or host the BBQ gathering for the 4th.

Complete with BBQ pork ribs or pulled pork laden with sauce loaded with high fructose corn syrup, HFCS, and other preservative chemicals, a typical 4th of July food table will most probably abundantly host store made potato salad and cole slaw, potato chips, jarred spinach dip, corn chips, hamburgers and hot dogs for the kids, complete with water melon, maybe a box cake with red, white and blue icing and/or ‘gourmet’ cookies size of mini Frisbees.

And that is just the food.

What about ice chest full of sodas, red and blue dye sugar drinks, did you read my article We Are Dying Our Brains? get it here, various beers and low and behold pina coladas and daiquiri’s from bottled premix.

Of course this table and all its accoutrements is the center piece of any July 4th outing. Except for the watermelon and drowned cabbage in the slaw, the table serves no brain foods.

Okay, so what do you serve?

Here is a list of typical 4th of July foods, why they are brain bad for you complete with suggested substitutions.

Store Potato Salad
Why Bad: White potato is one of 5 White Brain Damaging foods. For the others check out the article I wrote here. Plus, what is that white stuff? Dairy? Oil? What type of oil?
Replacement Suggestion: If you have time to make homemade mayo and make your own pickles (some store bought are okay, read the ingredients!!!!) power to you and could you please come to my house? Like me, many of us are still trying to figure out if we invited everyone and who did we leave out along with what is the total to feed going to be and where is the grocery list again? much less cook all day for this event. So, tonight when you go to bed toss in the oven a couple of medium sweet potatoes cut into chunks with skin on and doused in olive oil, bake for about 30-40 minutes because you want them chewy smooth, not mush. Keep in the fridge or if ready to make the salad, add slices of apples (be sure to coat, maybe soak a bit first in real lemon juice so they will not turn brown), raisins and throw in some nuts, roasted walnuts or pecans and salt and pepper to taste. Viola! Great potato salad. (Yea, I always keep sweet potatoes in my refrige for quick go to side dish.)

Store Cole Slaw
Why Bad: Again, what’s the white stuff? Oil? Preservatives? Your brains don’t know how to digest all the hydrogenated oils and it is true torture to our brain cells. (Stay tuned for the how and why, that is my next big article.)
Replacement Suggestion: Buy your own cut up cabbage and add your own homemade mayo, recipe given below except add extra garlic or hot sauce or both. OR you could make a quick balsamic dressing with balsamic vinegar and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). Not for the kids? What about ranch? Search the internet and make your own ranch dressing, yes there is a way, bit involved but taste is all natural and NOT commercial, so good for the kids!!! You’ll love it too!

Why Bad: Again, white potato problem, it’s a White Brain Damaging food. Why? How? Check out 5 White ‘Brain Damaging’ Foods article I wrote here. Plus it is cooked in hydrogenated omega 6 rich bad fat. Over time, omega 6 oils really do a number on your brain. (Again, that article is coming.)
Replacement Suggestion: if using for a base for a dip try sliced cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash as crackers. For a snack,concentrate on serving good dips.  Keep reading, recipes coming.

Jarred Spinach Dip:
Why Bad: It’s a time issue, I get it. But there is nothing natural in that jar of spinach pulled off the rack by the potato chips. I mean really? Again, what is that white stuff.  To be honest, I am afraid to even read the ingredients.
Replacement Suggestion: Make your own spinach dip with homemade mayo, recipe below, and drained and thawed from frozen spinach from the grocery. Throw in few sprinkles of Cajun seasoning, be adventurous and add chopped water chestnuts, jalapeno peppers, cherry tomatoes or red bell pepper. No homemade mayo? When you make a batch once a week, there is no going back. Still no time, go to the gourmet deli cooler in the grocery, pick up spinach dip container and read the ingredients.
How to eat it? Celery hunks are GREAT for scooping, say NO to corn chips!

What about adding some of these following suggested items to your 4th of July table?

Homemade Hummus
How to make it easy: Once a month I soak, then boil up a bag of garbonzo beans, drain, cool, divide up and load one cup into a zip lock bag and freeze. When time to cook, I thaw out a bag night before and get up few minutes early and make the dip when I finish making breakfast. See another easy recipe below. Of course you have not done this for this forth gathering, but maybe next time or next event. For now, buy a can of garbanzo or chick peas at the store. Check the ingredients.
Replacement Suggestion: store bought hummus in the deli cooler, read the ingredients.
Dip with celery hunks, sliced cucumbers, zucchini and/or yellow squash.

Homemade Guacamole
How to make it easy: Easy is an understatement. Making fresh guac is time consuming. Actually peeling and seeding the avocados is the heavy time consuming part. So, next time, divide it up. Buy your avocados say week before needed. For the ripe avocados, peel and pull out the seed the night before you have to whip it up and serve the dip.  For storage, make sure you seal well so flesh will not brown. Then toss all ingredients together and poof, great guac at hand. I do have a great guac recipe but I do not have it ready at this article publication date. Stay tuned.
Replacement Suggestion: You can find all natural store made guac but I have not found one that is fantastic. If you have, tell us from what store and let’s try it out!


The 4th of July, it’s a fun event. I get it and it only happens once a year. But instead of grabbing or serving a box cake and Frisbee size cookies, celebrate the summer with blackberry almond/coconut flour cobbler or simple watermelon slices along with all your other foods you have made substitutions for.

If time is not on your side, just serve your best. Hopefully this article will plant a seed, giving other ways of eating healthy for both your brains.

Want more suggestions for everyday substitutions? Check out my three page white paper 5 Secrets to Getting Your Gut-in-Gear, click here for the link.

Maybe you could make spinach dip and hummus your ‘go to’ quick and easy chip and dip food. Over time you will be able to snap them up and get good at improvising, adding different ingredients for additional flavors.

Concerned the kids or other family will not like it? They probably won’t, now. But if you keep serving all natural foods and making suggestions such as these given, they will have no other choice but to starve. Of course they are not going to starve, I don’t mean to be harsh, just making the point. Eventually they will come around, I promise! You are, you are coming around, right? Don’t give in, we all benefit from tough love.

Over time, your family and friends will want no one else’s _____________ (you fill in the blank) but yours.

Happy 4th of July and thank you God for giving us the freedom to make choices and substitutions.

Helping us Get our Gut-in-Gear so to keep our memory, have good brain health and age successfully.

Mayo Recipe
1 egg yolk
1 clove garlic
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice (got to be fresh or else taste is way off)
salt and pepper to taste
½ cup REGULAR olive oil (extra virgin is tooooo strong)
With an emulsion hand held stir blender, blend first five ingredients. Slowly drizzle in olive oil while blending. It will get very thick. If you want it a bit thinner, add little bit egg white back in. (Yes it is raw but the lemon juice and salt ‘cook’ the egg!) (What to do with extra egg white?  Throw it in your next smoothie!)

1 can (15oz give or take) drained garbanzo beans, sometimes called chick peas (really try and boil your own because can brine is taste displeaser)
3-4 Tablespoons lemon juice (juice from one large lemon, got to be real!)
1 large clove garlic
½ cup tahini (this is sunflower seed paste concoction found in many Mediterranean dishes, can get it at the store, check the ingredients, get as all natural as possible with no additives, some processors add soy and other preservatives, again read the ingredients!)
salt and 5 or so rounds of cracked pepper
¼ teaspoon cumin
2 Tablespoons water (you could use left over egg white if making mayo)
3 Tablespoons olive oil (can be EVOO, depends on your taste)

With hand help emulsion blender or in a lid covered blender, add all ingredients except oil. After you get a paste consistency, trickle in oil to emulsify. Next time instead of cumin, add z’atar seasoning or Cajun seasoning, or sundried tomatoes and basil or add a red bell pepper or loaded it up with just garlic.

PS—these are my tried and true recipes.  Hope you enjoy! Get my 5 Secrets to Getting Your Gut-in-Gear.  You’ll get a laugh and learn too!

The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition or to be a substitute for advice from your main healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.


5 White, ‘Brain Damaging’ Foods

They kill your brain cells, point blank. Over time, brain fog, lack of memory, and additional cognitive impairment leading to Alzheimer’s and other dementias pursues.


What are “they”?  The 5 white brain damaging foods.  These include:

1) white wheat flour

2) white rice

3) white corn (yes it is white when processed, when the skin is removed)

4) white potato and

5) white sugar


All of the above damage, stop or even kill the neurotransmitter communication between your gut brain (the gastrointestinal tract or GI tract) and your head brain (the Central Nervous System).   With no communication, the cells in both brains die.


Here’s how the killing spree begins:


It starts with gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye and barley.


Some perspective. Did you know that we humans have nearly 23,000 genes in our bodies? Guess how many wheat gluten has? The answer: around 150,000.


So, in a nutshell, we can’t digest gluten, which essentially eats us, not the reverse.

According to Alessio Fasano, M.D., the father of ‘no gluten’, Harvard scientist and author of book, Gluten Freedom, whether you are a celiac disease victim or not, gluten dissolves the lining of every consumer’s small intestine allowing partially digested foods to seep out of the intestine into gut tissues, eventually ending up in your blood.  Your immune system is called in to attack these invading, partially digested food particles.


Think of it this way, your immune system is constantly in attack mode whenever you eat:


  • cereal for breakfast
  • a donut for morning snack
  • a  sandwich for lunch, along with crackers and pretzels for an afternoon snack
  • a roll with dinner or
  • a cookie for a midnight snack


Do this every day, 365 days a year, for all of your life (but hopefully not beyond this reading) …and your immune system never rests.  It just sort of goes mad, crazy.

As your immune system eats up all the invading chemicals, it eats up the good healthy cells too.  This is called chronic inflammation or hyper inflammation.


Gluten eventually gets into your blood, eats the lining of the blood vessels and breaks the blood head brain barrier where these undigested particles seep out into your brain, depositing toxins and other invading chemicals.


The head brain’s own separate immune system (the glyphatic system) is then called into action to flush out these foreign invaders.  BUT, it too goes mad, resulting in hyper inflammation and killing more head brain cells, the good and the bad.


Additionally, the blood bowel barrier is also broken where foreign invaders run rampant and hyper inflammation ensues (no one ever talks about that—hello IBS, hemorrhoids, constant diarrhea or other elimination troubles!)


The solution and the near instant reversal of such problems?


Give up the gluten!


AND say bye bye to white foods that turn into sugar, like white potatoes, rice and corn — all simple carbohydrates which turn immediately into sugar.


Did you now that consumption of excess sugar creates insulin resistance? Let’s take a look at this.


Insulin is needed to get nutrients into our cells. It’s also a major switching station for many processes in the body. We all know the pancreas produces insulin.  Well, our head brain also produces insulin and head brain insulin is specifically used to get nutrients into our head brain cells.


The more sugar we eat, the more insulin is needed to get the nutrients up in the head brain cells, until finally our brain just gets worn out and quits producing insulin, and becomes insulin resistant.


And really, can you blame it?  It is over worked with trying to get rid of the sugar plus it has better things to do like ensure the heart keeps beating and the lungs get enough oxygen.

Kim and Feldman from the neurology department at the University of Michigan published a study reviewing insulin resistance at the core of developing Alzheimer’s disease.


Interestingly, another name for some types of dementia and varying stages of Alzheimer’s is “Diabetes III”.

Here, the insulin resistant brain cells are starving, our head brain immune system then goes mad, and all this results in hyper inflammation…all due to our MAD diet (Modern American Diet).


Yes, we are doing this to ourselves. The top caloric intake foods in the United States as per the US Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee: grains/dessert breads, breaded chicken, soda, pizza, alcoholic beverages and pasta.  Look at how the 5 White Damaging Brain Foods make up the top of the MAD diet and perhaps the daily diet for many of us.


To make sure we keep our memory and full cognizance as well as overall good health, we’ve got to treat and feed both our head brain and our gut brain with all natural, no processed foods, specifically staying away from the 5 White Brain Damaging Foods…I’ll say it again….white wheat flour, white rice, white corn, white potatoes and white sugar.


What you eat, affects your brain. Eat to better your brain, not damage it.


Helping get and keep your Gut-in-Gear so you can keep your memory, have good brain health and age successfully,






Alessio Fasano, M.D.


Info on no gluten:

His book, Gluten Freedom

And video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=0rTAhlJ9PMM

Kim and Feldman from the neurology department at the University of Michigan published a study reviewing insulin resistance is at the core of developing Alzheimer’s disease.




Special thanks to Healthy Meals Supreme, reprinted from their blog https://healthymealssupreme.com/5-white-brain-damaging-foods/



The purpose of this information is to convey knowledge. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure your condition or to be a substitute for advice from your main healthcare professional. Sincerely, I wish you and yours the very best in brain health.



Janet is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and former Dementia Healthcare Administrator.  After years of being at the bedside, holding your mother’s hand trying to caress the dementia way, Janet immersed herself in brain research.  Now Janet is on a mission to power up people’s brains to prevent Alzheimer’s and other dementias, even reverse cognitive impairment.  Learn more about Janet here.